For training in Edmonton, calll 780-426-3375 or email

For training in Calgary, call Colleen at 403-250-1060 or email


 Please be aware that the only courses we will be sourcing at this time are Fall Protection

and MEWP unless  additional training is needed for a specific job.


There will be a NO SHOW fee added to your file if you sign up for a course 

and do not show /cancel within 48 hours prior to start time.


Please ensure that the hall receives a copy of all your

training certificates for our records

Training Forms:
Application for Book Credit
Reimbursement for Training Request
Company Request Training Form
Book Credit for Sheet Metal Apprentices:

To qualify for a Book Credit you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member of the local 8 in good standing, with dues paid to the end of the school term
  • Attend 2 local union meetings in the one year period prior to applying for credit (online or in person)
  • Provide a receipt for school that has your name, period of training, school, and preferably a GST number (usually found on your school portal – NAIT or SAIT)
  • Provide a registration letter from AIT (found on your tradesecrets portal). Students attending SAIT can call 403-284-7248 to request a copy of your registration letter be emailed to you

Once all criteria are met and forms are sent in, training will submit the request to accounting as a package with all documentation. Cheques are then printed, signed by the Business Manager, couriered to an available Joint Training Trust Fund Director with signing authority, couriered back to the local, and finally mailed out.

See HERE for examples of a Registration form from AIT and acceptable receipts from NAIT and SAIT: (click to see full size)


February 1, 2021 - AIT Apprentice Guide for Bluebook Updates

Upload and submit documents to Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT), without having to go in to an AIT Office!  Scan or take a picture of paper documents and submit them by clicking the Upload button in the Documents Tab You can access a tutorial video if needed at:

To view your correspondence in your MTS account, you need to click the Notification envelope icon in the upper right corner of your MTS window. Finally, to print off a current ID card, from your MTS account you can click on ‘Applications’ and ‘Print a new apprentice ID card,’   

ID cards can be used to show your current progress instead of a physical bluebook. Print your ID card (or save as a PDF) – can also be given to your employer as proof.

Send it to In the subject line put: Bluebook Update

The training department will update your status in our system so your dispatch is current.



Cranemasters Hoisting & Rigging Training is excited to launch

the Rigging Resource Centre, a powerful web-based information tool for the rigging industry.

The RRC website features invaluable rigging information for

industry leaders, employers, and workers alike.

“Our goal is to make it easier to access relevant rigging information on one website in order to promote improved rigging safety practices.”

Visit to see this amazing online tool!
Alberta Construction Safety Association 
Occupational Health & Safety Act, Code and Regulation

Available Courses

The Training Trust has approved the addition of  Defensive Driving to the list of approved courses subsidized by the Fund.

The approved course is offered by Alberta Construction Safety and is called "Defensive Driving - 3 Demerit Reduction Program (Alberta)".
It can be accessed  from the Alberta Construction Safety Association website.  On successful completion, submit your receipt and a copy of the completion card to the Training Fund for reimbursement of the $99.95 cost. For more information, see

List of Approved Courses

Courses in BLUE are directly billed to Local 8. Please contact the Local 8 Training Office for available providers.

Courses in RED are reimbursable.
Copies of receipts and completion cards must be submitted to the Local 8 Training Office for re-imbursement

Alberta Legislation Awareness
Leadership for Safety Excellence
Alcohol, Drugs & Safety (ACSA) * Math Refresher

(Local 8)
* Auditor Training
* Measuring - Advanced
 (Local 8)
* Basic Instructional

  Common Safety Orientation (CSO)
(Contact Training Dept.)
Better Supervision
ESC/OSSA Confined Space
(Multiple Providers)
Blueprint Reading
1 and 2
(Local 8)
ESC/OSSA Elevated Work Platform
(Multiple Providers)
* Blueprint Reading
for sheeter/deckers
(Local 8)
ESC/OSSA Fall Protection
(Multiple Providers)
* Communication and Ethics for the
Safety Leader

ESC/OSSA Fire Watch
(Multiple Providers)
* Construction
Safety Administration

(Multiple Providers)
Construction Safety Training  System (CSTS -2020)
(contact Training Dept.)
 Principles of Health & Safety Mgmt. (ACSA)
(Multiple Providers)
 First Aid - Standard Level 'C'
2 day course
(Multiple Providers)
Swing Stage
(Multiple Providers)
Fork Lift
(Multiple Providers)
 * Worksite Investigation Basics (ACSA)
H2S Alive
(Multiple Providers)
Zoom Boom / Telehandler
(Multiple Providers)
Horizontal Lifeline Installation
(Multiple Providers)
* Introduction to
(Local 8)
 Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor (AIT) Wild Life
* indicates new course

and is available free  You can access the course through
your login at Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) here.
Completion takes 2-3 hours and can be done on a smartphone or tablet.
Once completed, be sure to contact so that the certificate can be added to your Local 8 file.
 WHMIS 2015

is now availabe as a free, online course through ALBERTA CONSTRUCTION SAFETY
You must either log in (if you've taken CSTS, you probably already have an account) or create an account, then register for the course - it will be made available within 24 hours.
CSO - Common Safety Orientation

The OSSA BSO (Basic Safety Orientation) course has been replaced with
the CSO (Common Safety Orientation). It is currently being offered as an on-lilne course
provided by Energy Safety Canada. You must register & pay prior to receiving a link
to the course. Arrangements can be made through the Training Dept. to take the course at either the Edmonton or Calgary office. It is up to individual contractors if the BSO will be accepted in lieu of the CSO. You can find out more about the couse by viewing these
"Frequently Asked Questions"  or at the Energy Safety Canada site.