Local 8 honours our long-service members each year in October, with presentations to 15, 25,30, 35, 40 and 50-year members.
Presentations are held in conjunction with our regular membership meetings in Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and Lethbridge

Fort McMurray, October 11, 201

Left to right -  Steven Satter, Business Representative, Frank Notta (30 years) Douglas Worobetz, Business Manager; Shawn Griffin, Business Representative; 

Edmonton, October 18, 2016

Left to right - Hung Lieung (35 years), Rod Bienert (25 years), Bruce Sorenson (35 years), BM Doug Worobetz, Robert Hackenschmidt (35 years), Carlos Zelaya (25 years), BM Shawn Griffin, Robert Hoyle (15 years) , Real Strasbourg (35 years), BA Steve Satter,  Robert Parker (35 years), IA Rep. Garry Kot, Jerome Hummelle (35 years), Terry Dannish (35 years)        

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Rod Bienert
(35 years)
Terry Dannish
(35 years) 
Robert Hackenschmidt
(35 years) 
Jerome Hummelle
(35 years)
Hung Lieung
(35 years)
Bruce Sorenson
(35 years)
Carlos Zelaya
(25 years) 
Rob Hoyle
(15 years) 

Red Deer, October 19, 2016

Left to right: Steve Satter; Business Representative, Dan Bradley (30 years), Travis Lyver (25 years)
Garry Kot; International Representative and Doug Worobets; Business Manager

Calgary, October 20, 2016

In 2016, Local 8 was proud to award our second 60 Year Membership award to Brother Eric Arctander of Calgary

Left to right: Eric Arctaner (60 years), Nick Acerbi (35 years), Jay Withrow (25 years), Mike Schoblocher (30 years) Steve Satter; Business Representative,
Garry Kot; International Representative, Doug Worobetz; Business Manager and Don Lyons (35 years)

Eric Arctander
(60 years)
Joe Fisher
(50 years)
Don Lyons
(35 years)
Mike Schoblocher
(30 years)
  Jay Withrow
(25 years)
Perry Atwood
(15 years)