Local 8 honours our long-service members each year in October, with presentations to 15, 25,30, 35, 40 and 50-year members.
Presentations are held in conjunction with our regular membership meetings in Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and Lethbridge

Edmonton, October 16, 2018

Left to right - Shaun Koropchuk, Northern Business Rep., Steve Wolansky, President, Daniel Brochu (40 years), Rocky Seaboyer (30 years)
Philip Furlong (40 years), Earl Davis (40 years), Ben Walker (25 years), Tim Blanch (40 years) Allen Quesnel (35 years)
Gary Kot, International Representative and Steve Satter, Southern Business Rep. 

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Tim Blanch
(40 years)
Daniel Broschu
(40 years) 
Earl Davis
(40 years) 
Philip Furlong
(40 years)
Allen Quesnel
(35 years)
Roderick Seaboyer
(30 years)
Ben Walker
(25 years) 


Calgary, October 18, 2018

In 2018, Local 8 was saddened by the news that Brother Ray Fowler, who was due for his 60-year award, passed away in September

Left to right:  Steve Satter; Business Representative, Rod Satter (30 years), Paul Lester (40 years), Art Loewen (40 years)
Garry Kot; International Representative, Doug Worobetz; Business Manager and Don Lyons (35 years)

Paul Lester
(40 years)
Art Loewen
(40 years)
Rod Satter