March, 2018


General Elections - 2018


Special call meetings will be held during March, 2018 to re-present the motion previously carried across the province in September, 2010

and again in February,  2012 and March, 2015.


The motion states that Local #8 utilize mail-in ballots for all Local #8 elections. This specifically refers to the upcoming General Elections for officers of the hall coming up in June, 2018.


To comply with the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (formerly Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association) Constitution and Ritual  Article 12, Section 6 (a) such a motion must be presented at special meetings. The General President then must approve the use of the mail ballot.


Please see the calendars on the home page of this

website for meeting dates & venues.



Local 8 News:

·         2017 year-end dues receipts for tax purposes will be sent to all members during the week of February 19. This allows for time to close off the year and prepare the statements. Please remember that if your employment T4 shows an amount for dues remitted, ignore it and use ONLY the amount on your official Local 8 receipt


Receipts are mailed to the address on file, so please make sure yours is updated. You can call either the Edmonton or Calgary office or email to update or check the address on file. If leaving a message, please be sure to include an apartment or unit number, if applicable, and your postal code.


Please also remember to check your February mail from Coughlin as they will also be sending a tax form. The portion of your monthly premium allocated to life insurance is a taxable benefit and must be included with other income on your tax form.


·      There have been a few questions coming to the Local regarding the impending legalization of marijuana in Canada. Firstly, as with alcohol, you will NOT be allowed to use or consume marijuana on the jobsite or be under the influence of either substance at the jobsite. Secondly, the rules surrounding alcohol or drugs in the workplace will be no different on the day after legalization of marijuana. There will still be pre-access testing as well as post-incident and for cause testing. Lastly, the limits set out in the Canadian Model which is the Alcohol and Drug policy that is in place for Local 8 will remain the same. If you exceed these limits when tested the consequences will be the same as before legalization. In short nothing is going to change in regards to how the A and D issue is handled on jobsites.


·       Just a reminder that if you are requested to take an alcohol and drug test for reasonable cause or post-incident, make sure that you take the test. Whether or not there are questions surrounding the test or testing procedures, take the test and we can work to resolve the issues afterward. Refusing to take the test will hamper any attempt to resolve issues and will likely result in a site ban.


·      COMET course to take place at the Edmonton Hall on March 10th. Call Kerry in the Edmonton office to register.



·      Respect in the Workplace – with more diversity occurring within our membership each day it is imperative that all members of Local 8 remember to treat each other with dignity and respect. All of us have the right to a safe and respectful workplace. Discrimination, intimidation, bullying and harassment have no place on the jobsite or in this Local Union nor will they be tolerated. One of the best features of the union movement is its inclusiveness. The Training Department has put together the course below to help promote this. 


Training Department Update


MAP - Mastering Attitudes and Productivity


In construction we face many challenges due to scheduling, missing material, trade overlap, worker moral, and a rapidly changing work culture.

Good clear communication, workplace respect, and best work practices (when employed correctly) can solve many problems.

The MAP course is designed to address these issues in a fun and creative environment.

You will learn and discuss: 

  • Communication between employers, supervisors, and workers
  • Adapting attitudes and behaviour in a changing workforce including: race, ethnicity, gender, language barriers, etc.
  • Workplace respect, best practices and current legislation as it relates to the employer and employee.
  • Skills to improve productivity and workplace moral

Mastering Attitudes and Productivity is a great course to empower both the employer and the worker to transform their workplace culture to a positive, safe, and productive environment. 


Please call 780-426-3375 ext 225 to register or email


For more information and a list of available courses you can check our training page.