Information for Prospective Local 8 Members

New Members must be residents of Alberta and are required to:
        ●   Contact the Local 8 office in either Edmonton or Calgary and complete all necessary application forms
        ●   Pay an initiation fee of $50.00 plus two months' base dues in advance (Base dues for journeymen are $55.00/month and for apprentices $35.00/month)
        ●   Provide a copy of driver's license or other valid government - issued photo ID
        ●   Provide proof of qualification (journeyman card, apprentice card and/or blue book, proof of experience for sheeting/ cladding/decking) and copies of
                  all valid safety course completion cards

The Application Forms package includes enrolment forms for:
       ●   The Sheet Metal Workers International Association
       ●   The Alberta Sheet Metal Workers Retirement Trust Fund (pension). Contibutions to the  fund are totally paid by the employer.
       ●   Coughlin & Associates, administrators of Local 8's Health & Welfare Plan. Again, premiums for the plan are paid by the employer. Remittances to the plan
                   are made the month following the hours worked, and a member becomes eligible on the first day of the month following  Coughlin's receipt
                   of payment  for 260 hrs.
       ●   Accidental Death Coverage Policy provided by the Sheet Metal Workers' International Association & Local 8 Privacy Policy outline

More information on the Pension and Health & Welfare plans can be found on our Wages & Benefits page

If you would like an enrolment package mailed to you, email but please note that the forms must be returned in person to either our Edmonton
or Calgary office, and accompanied by payment and other information as outlined above.           
Suspended Members whose membership has been suspended within the previous two months must pay a re-instatement fee of $75.00 plus two months' base dues in advance.

If the suspension period has been for over two months, a re-initiation fee of $100.00 plus two months' base dues is required. An additional fee of $50.00 per previous suspension is levied. These fees must be paid prior to being registered on the out-of-work books or being dispatched for work.

Members from other SMWIA / SMART Locals can apply to work with Local 8 temporaily  as Travelers  from their home Local. Full details of Local 8's travel  policy can be found here.

Members of other Locals planning to relocate to Alberta are required to request a Transfer Card from their home Local which must be deposited with Local 8 within 30 days of issue. Apprentice Members are required to provide proof of qualification. Information on Alberta's apprenticeship program can be found at and a downloadable form to transfer out-of-province apprenticeships can be found here .  You may also want to check the financial assistance available to Apprentices here                                                        

Prospective members intersted in working in Albeta's Oil Sands, please check SAFETY COURSES REQUIRED  and  DRUG & ALCOHOL POLICY

Our current Provincial Agreement wage schedules fall into two categories - industrial and commercial. You'll find the current rates on our Wages & Benefits page and just above the wage tables you'll find links to the full text of the agreements in .pdf format, available for downloading or viewing. On the left margin, you'll find a link to the Construction Labour Relations, Alberta agreements page. All current provincial agreements are on their site, along with special agreements and project labour agreements.

Once your application is complete and all fees are paid, members can register on the out-of-work books by contacting the dispatch office in Edmonton at
(780) 426-3375 or toll free at 1-800-262-9083, extension 229; or by email to   Members must check in by phone or e-mail at least once every three weeks to retain their position on the out-of-work lists.

Available jobs are posted on the
Job Postings page of this site at approximately 4:00 PM every day. Members can respond by 9:30 AM the next day, either by phone or e-mail to  In the message, please include name, classification, phone number and job number(s) applying for. and ensure you have all necessary safety cards, etc required for the job.

Successful members will be notified and a dispatch issued along with any details required for the job. Please note that your dues must be paid up for one month in advance of  month commencing work (i.e. dues must be paid through October to obtain a dispatch for a job starting in September). All members working for Local 8 contractors MUST request a dispatch, even when job has been solicited or the member has been name-hired.

Once a member is working with a Local 8 signatory contractor, base dues & working dues will be withheld from wages & remitted to Local 8. It is always a member's responsibility to ensure his dues are up-to-date, even when working. Members can call either of our offices and our staff will be happy to check your dues status.