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 the Hall at (780) 426-3375
at Ext.# 4 or email stating your full name, classification,
contact number and posting(s) you are interested in (in order of preference); by 9:30 AM each day.

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RSAP is a voluntary program for Union members to by-pass pre-access drug & alcohol testing by agreeing to voluntary on-site random testing

You can find out more about the program HERE

You can register ONLINE HERE - you'll be contacted (usually within 24 hours) to set up an initial drug test at no cost
LOCAL 8 MEMBERS wishing to apply for calls from the Boilermakers' #146 hall should
call 1-780-451-5992 and follow the message instructions
Job ID # Contractor Location Details
posted March 15

Arpi's North Various Edmonton projects Manpower Required:  Six SM apprentices - 1st to 3rd Year
Date & Time:  ASAP
Hours:  Days
Length of Job:  Unknown
Rate of Pay: Commercial - enabled
Travel / Accomodation: N/A
Special Requirements:  CSTS 2020, OSSA Fall Pro, EWP
Description of Work: Installation
6329 Modern Niagara Nisku Shop Manpower Required:  Four SM apprentices - any class
Date & Time: ASAP
Length of Job:  2 weeks +
Rate of Pay:  Commercial
Travel / Accomodation: N/A
Special Requirements: 
Description of Work: Shop work
posted Apr 12

Modern Niagara Norwood, Edmonton

Manpower Required:  Three SM JM
Date & Time: ASAP
Length of Job: 2 wks +
Rate of Pay:  Commercial
Travel / Accomodation: N/A
Special Requirements:  CSTS2020, EWP and Fall Arrest
Description of Work:
posted Apr 29

AlumaSafeway Syncrude
EJ 37 Project
Manpower Required:  One SM worker - JM or 2nd, 3rd or 4th year
Date & Time: May 3/21
Hours:  4 x 3 +
Length of Job: 1 week +
Rate of Pay:  Industrial
Travel / Accomodation: Travel as per agreemnet, camp provided
Special Requirements:    Must reside in Alberta and must be able to pass the AHS self-assessment  Members to bring current OSSA Orientation & CSTS OR OSSA BSO OR Energy Safety Canada CSO, OSSA/ESC/ACTI Fall Pro OR Energy Safety Canada Fall Protection, OSSA/ESC/ACTI EWP, WHMIS 2015. Must be clean shaven and must be able to perform all duties associated with Sheet Metal: Must be able to wear RPE (half mask/full face/SCOTT Air). Must show up ready to work on the first day; bring tools and boots (no flat sole) to orientation (even if you are on night shift). Bring valid government issued photo ID (no paper copies) for site access: driver's license, passport, citizenship card, permanent resident card or status card. Camp available (Private washrooms). Hoteling procedure in effect (occupants may be required to check out of camp when off work 2 consecutive days). RFID badges may be worn. Pre-access D & A testing (RSAP accepted)
Description of Work:
posted May 3

Igloo Erectors Walnut Park School
Smithers, BC
Manpower Required:  One Sheeter JM
Date & Time: ASAP
Hours:  TBD
Length of Job: 1 - 2 months
Rate of Pay:  Commercial
Travel / Accomodation: tbd
Special Requirements:  CSTS-09 or 2020; OSSA Fall Pro and EWP
Description of Work: Metal cladding, soffitt, louvers
6334 Manpower Required: 
Date & Time: 
Length of Job: 
Rate of Pay:  
Travel / Accomodation: 
Special Requirements: 
Description of Work:
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