In 1905, the year Alberta became a province, a group of tradesman banded together and joined with the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association to obtain better wages, benefits, safety regulations, and job site conditions..

This Union has continued for over a century – through recessions and booms – without wavering from its purpose of bargaining for and protecting our membership.

In the early 80’s, Local # 8 had a commercial market share of 80%. Since then,  Alberta has continuously had the lowest union coverage in Canada -  a full 15% below the highest (Newfoundland).

The only way to regain the standard is for workers to unite, and compel employers to bargain with them collectively. Organized companies will then be able to bid competitively, ultimately leading to better working conditions for all.   

Local # 8 has administrative offices in Edmonton and Calgary; and holds regular monthly meetings  in Calgary or Edmonton, along with Zoom accessibility.


Ask questions! Any decision that affects you so much deserves a lot of consideration. Begin by asking your friends at work. Ask the unionized tradesmen at your jobsite. Ask us … we’ll tell you about contracts, dues and benefits. Then, ask yourself how things can change.

 One voice is not enough to make any significant changes to your job. It takes a combined voice to have any clout in the workplace. Strength is in numbers and unity.

The important thing is to act together. You have a right to consider unionizing, just as your employer has a right to join contractor associations, and pay dues to them. And, just as he has a right to expect a profit, you have a right to expect fair wages and conditions.

Big companies are making big profits. More Union companies bidding on jobs evens the playing field, and raises the standards for the workers. When non-Union companies bid, they know they can lower costs at their workers' expense.

 The Alberta government protects your rights as a worker. It legislates your right to explore your options with a Union without fear of retribution, harassment or intimidation from employers. The only way to maintain and improve standards is to exercise your right to choose


If you feel that we can help you, contact us. We’ll explain the certification process to you. Maybe you’d like us to arrange a group meeting or just meet with you personally. We’re available at your convenience. Call us at one of the numbers below, and one of our representatives will be happy to speak with you.

  For more information, speak with:
Shawn Griffin
Chris Taylor (Calgary)

 Edmonton office - 17308 -106 Avenue NW
Phone (780) 426-3375

Calgary office – # 125, 5723 - 10 Street NE
Phone – (403) 250-1060

or e-mail  Shawn or 

The dentist's drill doesn't scare you nearly as much as his bill! The tooth fairy doesn’t pay those bills! Have you got a dental plan? Or will you have to wait until you win the lottery to pay for it?
By providing a comprehensive health & welfare benefit package, (100% employer -paid) there’s no need to compromise your and your family’s well-being. Medical and dental care costs shouldn’t have to compete with the rest of your expenses!
Work place safety may not be high on your employer’s priority list… unless someone gets hurt. And then how will he react if a WCB claim is filed?
SMWIA Local # 8 considers construction safety a necessity. We fund or subsidize courses such as First Aid, Asbestos Abatement, Swing Stage Safety and Construction Safety. We monitor job sites and work closely with contractors to ensure you’re not at risk.
You just got your CPP statement from the government, and even with all those RRSP's you've been buying, you’ll have to work ‘til you’re 84, so you can afford to retire.
Sure, you may pay into an RRSP, but the SMWIA Local #8 Retirement Trust Fund is fully funded by EMPLOYER contributions. It’s not coming out of your pocket. And every union hour worked adds to your SMWIA pension!
Money just doesn’t stretch – You’ve always got too much month left at the end of your money.

Unionized sheet metal workers are covered under a Provincial Agreement, affording them wage rates on par with Union electricians plumbers, carpenters and other tradesmen. Increases are contractually guaranteed. Overtime rates are paid as per our contracts. Union rates are higher …. and overtime rates are paid.

Respect … do you get any at work? Think you should? Working Union guarantees fair wages and job classifications, plus protects you from unfair work practices.
Union companies historically have better morale and less employee turnover. Job classifications are fair, wages are standardized. A grievance procedure is in place to help mediate conflict. Can you approach your employer one-on-one if you have a problem?